Established in 2000, Stadium Medical is the premiere private EMS service. Our “One Mission, One Team” approach to business has led to the culmination of a thriving and collaborate environment for employees and patients alike. We strive to provide quality patient care and customer service to residents of the Denver-Metro area (and beyond). We also strive to provide an enjoyable and welcoming “home” for our employees and their families. We also place supreme importance on employee wellness with an emphasis on both mental and physical health.

While we based the foundation of our organization off of elite event medical coverage, we have evolved with the addition of a thriving wheelchair transport division and a comprehensive ambulance transport division. We continue to explore other opportunities to serve people through community medicine initiatives and remote and offshore medical services.

We have seamlessly incorporated other medical services into the foundation of our superior event standby coverage and continue to push the limits our organizational capacity. Our employees display complete professionalism and versatility as they effortlessly complete work within several divisions of our organization. Our employees place an important emphasis on superior patient care and continuing education.

Our core values direct our daily operations and our commitment to quality care of both our patients and our staff are what make us truly unique.


"The People the Pros Trust!"

Rodger Ames
President & CEO

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Meghan Adas
Director of Operations

Michael Amstein
General Manager

Brendan Ames

Beverly Steinbach
Special Events Manager

Bernie Ames
HR Manager